Sale Announcement: Ancestral home contents finally (mostly sorted)

I am pleased to announce that there will be an estate sale at my parents house on 9/27-30/2017.

More than a year after the first big dig and dumpster filling, the collection is now sifted, sorted, and pushed around to a point that people can see what is there. 

I give a lot of credit to Integrity Estate Sales team for being willing to persevere in their digging and sorting.
They have posted pictures of some of the items for sale.

There will be a family only day available before it opens to friends and public.  I would love to visit and see family there, so please let me know if you can come so I can give the details.

Labor Day for 1st dumpster filling at H.R.Abbey estate

If anyone is available on Labor Day, starting mid-morning, to help clear out a bit of my junk in Roseville, let me know.

Sally Abbey funeral arrangements for this weekend, 7/29-30/2016 A.D.

Apologies for not sharing this sooner.
My mother, Sally Abbey, died suddenly Tuesday in the morning.

She died from a stroke / heart attack.

I found her early Tuesday evening on the floor.
It seems it was very sudden, with minimal suffering.

We had visited Saturday, and she had a very nice, enjoyable day. She
seemed healthy as always.

Funeral arrangements are for visitation on Friday evening and Catholic
Mass on Saturday, at 11am at Kaul's of Roseville.

Details are on her online obituary.
Mom is with Jesus, and no longer missing Dad.

Video and pictures from funeral of Pauline Lantz

Hello family,
specifically family of Jodi and of Pauline Lantz,

I put the video of the funeral service of Pauline Lantz online.

A few pictures of the graveside service are online as well.

May God help the family adjust to the loss of this loved one.

Idea for hearing aids

Why don't hearing aids have an instant replay button?  That way if a person did not understand something they could try replaying the recording at a higher volume first before asking the person to repeat themselves.

Apple Maps mapping van sighted on Detroit suburbs expressway

Apple is working to improve its maps offering by collecting camera and other data, as reported by The Verge on 6/10/2015.

One of the vans had been previously spotted in June in downtown Detroit, as shown on a map of Apple Map van sightings collected by Mac Rumors.  The earliest listed was in 8/2014.  The last update to the map was in 7/27/2015, so I will not bother submitting this sighting

The two new (as far as I know) items that the 12/10/2015 sighting adds
  • The van had "Apple Maps" written on the side.  Early sightings, before Apple announced the project publicly, did not have this.
  • Apple has apparently finished focusing on downtown Detroit, and is now working on the suburban expressways.  (The van changed from eastbound I-696 to westbound I-696.)  They do not yet seem to be focused on residential areas in Detroit, unlike reported sightings in other metropolitan areas.

Apple Maps van turning north from I-696 exit ramp, Farmington Hills, MI

Thanks to God for Greg Yoder's time with Mission Network News, and prayer for the transition.

A prayer this morning, based on the news I heard of Greg Yoder's last newscast
I thank you greatly for the 20 years of service Greg Yoder, MNN Anchor, has given me and many Christians via Mission Network News​.  We pray that you will help Greg during his transition and that you would help Mission Network News as they search for a new leader.